Saturday, April 4, 2020

An Elephant in the Kitchen,a fox in the bedroom.

A fox is watching tv

Animals are  curious,and are now wandering into our cities.

Our cities are devoid of teeming human life what are animals doing?

Are they curious? Are they reclaiming their old territory?Are they looking for food?

Animals are entering our cities,there is no noise to deter them or frighten them,and no people around,

Whales are spotted in the Thames,goats invade LLandudno the capital city of Wales.
Coyotes are venturing into Safrencisco and big cats are making an appearance,one was seen in a bar.

Perhaps you have some interesting animal stories to add?pix,memes,music anecdotes,videos.
Please respect other posters.
No religious or political topics please.

Enjoy the comments and addvalue.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

There’ a Bad Moon Rising

There’s a Bad Moon Rising...

The streets are deserted..has everyone gone to the moon?

Oh,it’s ‘Self Imposed Isolation’ time.I will soon

be tired of staring at four walls.Lets have an adventure.
I would prefer to go to the Moon,an interesting place for contemplation and isolation.
Tickets...subject to change,present day cost 35 billion.The journey would be better than four walls.

Would Mars be better,there’s water there?
And...What about Aliens?Could they be a threat?
Some people believe the moon is a hologram,my Grandmother told me it was made of cheese.
However,the moon is older than our earth,and holograms didnt exist then,The moon crashed into our earth and tipped its axis,and held in orbit by our gravity.( but there are many theories.

Another place to self isolate could be Antarctica...thats a kool place and NO coronavirus.
Where is the largest desert?the Sahara you may say...No its in Antarctica and totally barren.
(Source of some matrial...Grundge).

We need some fun entertainment,topic the above subject.

So post:Good books to read,good music to listen to,good films to watch,puzzles,cartoons.
Remember: Respect other commenters,this is a friction free zone therefore,No religion and No politics.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Mans most precious jewel

Mans most precious jewel.....guess!

The woman that walks by his side.
True/or false

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Diamonds are forever.For a betrothed?A token or symbol of love.

There is a planet made only of diamond.Gold is solidified light from the beginning of the universe.
Will we ever fly to that planet?What do you think?

Be jewel yourself with your favorite adornment...beads,semi precious stones,pendants,necklaces,rings,bracelets,ear rings,what do you choose or wear?

From the stone age to the present day,Tiger tooth or tiaras or crowns?From peasants to Kings.
For fashion,for power,for status?To be buried with for your afterlife?
From ancient times we have worn jewelry,used beads for money,gold for a standard.
Worn stone,gems,for decoration or luck.

What is your birth stone?
What is your favorite stone,gem?
Why do you wear jewelry? 

Remember respect other posters,this is a friction free zone,we do not discuss religion or politics.
Post pix,memes,gifs,videos,discuss.
Most of enjoy!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Life is a ball,masks are fun.

Or are they? Why do people wear masks?
For disguise?Theatre? Protection against disease? theatre? carnival?

Doctors collecting dead bodies wore beaklike masks.The beak was stuffed with herbs to hide the smell of dead bodies.

Someheroes wear masks...Batman,Wonderwoman,spiderman,some villains:The devil in the theatre,Darth Vader,Wrestlers the winner un masks the liser does not lose face.

Carne. Al was a celebration to eat meat before it rotted at the end of Lent,masks were worn.
Some masks are beautiful,some frightening,an efergy of the villain Guy Fawkes is worn as a masked guy is burned on a fire to celebrate that he didnt blow up the British parliament,

At the Venice masked ball beak like masks are worn as a tradition,but now. The idea is to find
a partner.

Now we have masks worn so as not to spread Corona disease,a strange phenomina in public today.
Arabian ladies wear maskes so men other than theirhusbands may not see their faces,this is culturally 
Different to the west.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

When dreams become reality..1981 and 1984.

When fiction becomes reality.
When reality becomes fiction.

Can you predict the future?
Do you dream predictive dreams?

Two great fiction writers are/ were: George Orwell and Dean Koontz.

Other writers are famous for relating nightmare situations or exciting events in fictional works....Steven King is one,John Grisham,and Ken Follet another.

The Daily Mail reported that in 1981 Dean Koontz wrote a book predicting a deadly virus breaking out in Wuhan China.The Corona Virus story is unfolding before our eyes.
This Virus is crossing borders causing havoc to our way of life.we are watching airflights being cancelled,stockmarkets,falling,thousands of people falling like flies,infected by COV 19.

George Orwell predicted that governments would control peoples lives.


NB we are discussing literature rather than politics the aim of the discussion is to discuss writers,dreams and how true fiction can become.This is not a site for political or religious views,please respect that and other commenters.

There are six  types of dreams:
Normal dreams
Waking dreams
Predictive dreams
Lucid dreaming.

Ken Follet wrote about the tumbling of the Shah focusing on breaking Americans out of prison,which inspired Jimmy Carter who failed to copy the success of rescuing Americans from
Iran.Wings of Eagles was thrilling and a true story.

Ive always been a Dean Koontz fan,my favorite book was ‘The husband’ a gripping story with twists and turns.

Loved Dean Koontz for Demon Seed and many other stories.

Not without my daughter  by Betty Mahmoody.

Steven King produced some excellent stories Pet semetary and Needful things.

What dreams do you remember,do you have lucid or predictive dreams,pleasant or nightmares?
Post trailers for films,music,about books and writers that you recommend,memes .

*This site is for friends and entertainment,you are welcome here,enjoy.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Hell on heels

Hell on heeels
(made a pact with the devil)

Love to dance, love shoes.
Red shoes,Blue shoes.
Hard to choose
Flats and heels
Soft leather appeals

Love to parade
In leather and suede
Some are handmade

Just love fashion 

With a passion

There is a range
And some are strange

Shoes can change your life
As Cinderella knows.

Post memes,gifs stories and pix of shoes,songs and music too
Of red shoes, blue shoes,blue shoes,suede or leather.
Heels or flats,sports or fashioon,shoes galore.

Please respect othe commenters 
Thank you Lian🌸